About Expanse Cottages

An award winning place to begin your next adventure from.

It all started in 2016 with Kamloops siblings & long-time business partners, Jason & Jodi, four cabins and a property in much need of TLC. 

With Jason’s love of the mountains, he moved to Nordegg to operate the camp, taking care of all the landscaping, maintenance and cleaning…while Jodi managed the head office out of Red Deer, running the books, reservations and advertising…until eventually moving to Rocky Mountain House so she and her family, Rick, Haylee & Kenzie, could be closer to the business.

Greg & Kim, our parents, play an integral role in the development of both the business and the property. They spend much of their “retired” life visiting from BC to help out in any way they can, whether it be cleaning, building, splitting wood, gopher runs, etc… 

In 2019, Jason was introduced to a lovely artist named Jennifer, who had recently moved to Nordegg to manage the hostel down the road. They would meet for dates in the Meadow that connects the two properties and eventually go on to get married, growing our Expanse Family.

As 2021 approached, seeing how the local tourism economy was growing, we decided it was time to expand and invited our spouses, Rick and Jen, to come on board full-time. The four of us dove straight in and designed and built two additional handcrafted cabins ourselves, with much of the lumber sourced from the property and milled on-site.

After nearly two years of building, and a ton of help from friends and family, we now have six welcoming cabins right in the heart of Nordegg. It’s a place for visitors near and far to come and experience a memorable Canadian mountain holiday.

We are so proud to share the love and passion for what we have created with all the guests who pass through Expanse and are grateful to be a part of this wonderful community of Nordegg.


The Serbian & Junior


We have two working cats, The Serbian & Junior, who live on-site full-time, as well as a dog, Lola, who is here part-time. Lola’s bark can sometimes be intimidating, but they are all very friendly and love the attention they receive from our guests. Although we prefer they not visit our guests at the cabins, this has proven quite challenging to teach them. If they do visit your deck during your stay, please do not feed them and most importantly, do not invite them inside your cabin! LOL 


We’ve been asked by many guests if our cabin names have meaning and where they came from.  All the names of Expanse Cottages are derived from our diverse family history and interests.

Expanse Cottages

Jason & Jodi’s father Greg was raised on a working family camp in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. One of their fly-in fly-out camps was located on Expanse Lake, hence “Expanse” Cottages. You will find a special tribute to this family history hung on the wall in The Deer Den Cabin.

Jason & Jodi each named two of the original Fireside Cabins…

Spoolmak Cabin

Jodi named this cabin after her and Jason’s hometown growing up. Spoolmak is “Kamloops” spelt backwards.

The Rock Cabin

Named for Jodi’s husband Rick’s hometown.  He is from Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland and Newfoundland is fondly referred to as ‘The Rock’ by its inhabitants. 

The Rock - Expanse Cottages Nordegg AB

As for the other two cabins… every spare moment in Jason’s life for the past 15 years has been spent exploring our rugged Rocky Mountains, hiking & skiing the backcountry, finding old trails and maintaining existing ones. His cabin names are based off of his love for the mountains…

Kutenai Cabin 

Named for the Kootenay Plains located at the southern end of Abraham Lake. The spelling of which derives from the original plain’s inhabitants the Kutenai people (and their language) of the Ktunaxa Nation.

White Goat Cabin

Named for the sublime landscape of the White Goat Wilderness and its elusive namesake. It is a special place, kept from view, trailless and guarded on all sides, The Goat will only welcome the true explorer.

Cabin Rentals Nordegg Alberta

With Jodi & Jason’s spouses, Rick & Jen, becoming an integral part of the family business and the expansion, you can bet that the names of our two new Stargazer cabins have a great deal of meaning as well… 

The Deer Den Cabin

As Spoolmak refers to Jodi’s hometown and The Rock refers to Rick’s hometown, The Deer Den cabin represents the birthplace of their two daughters, Haylee & Kenzie, born and raised (until their recent move to Rocky Mountain House) in Red “DEER”.  

The colours used in The Deer Den are all shades of red, representing “RED” Deer. 

Joby Chungo Cabin 

Jason & Jennifer spent their honeymoon up at Job Lake in the Bighorn Backcountry.

Job Lake, Job Pass and Job Creek were all named for Job Beaver, “He was the man who blazed many of the trails later followed by the famous guides and travellers of the Canadian Rockies”.

Job (pronounced jowb) was also known as Joby Chungo which means “Joby’s Trail” in Cree. Even the Stoney called him “trail-maker”.

Water, timber and earth themes were used in the Joby Chungo cabin, representing Job Lake and it’s surrounding beauty.

ROADHOUSEarts Craft Shack

This is Jennifer’s contribution to the Expanse property.  It is an artisanal gift shop where you can find handmade arts & crafts and local photography.

The building was designed by Jennifer and built using salvaged materials and wood that was milled from trees that were on the property.