Covid – 19 

Our Policy Updates



Yes, we are OPEN for reservations!

– Our cabins are in such a low traffic and remote area
– Guests have zero interaction with each other
– There are no check-in counters, common spaces or shared facilities at
our property to allow cross contamination between guests or staff

To ensure we can remain open, we have implemented some extra steps for all bookings until further notice.

All guests must be residents of Canada, must not have traveled outside of Canada within 30 days of your reservation and must not be experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms. If you arrive at the property & are showing any symptoms, you will be turned away.

We will be doing check-ins via email to collect deposits and IDs to eliminate any direct contact with staff but will still be present and available to assist while keeping safe distance.

While staying at our cabins, please follow these basic proper hygiene practices:

– Frequent & proper hand washing
– Covering coughs & sneezes with elbow crease
– Safe distancing from the other cabins
– Avoid touching your face

We will continue to carry on our high standards of cleaning for each arriving guest.

We hope everyone is taking care and staying safe out there! Please contact us with any questions or concerns.