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Elite Jetsetter – Louise & Robin @ Expanse November 2016

I have to admit, that some of our cabin experiences in the past have been pretty basic, so the level of thoughtfulness, service and luxury provided at Expanse Cottages was pretty unexpected and it really made our trip a pleasure. Our cabin had all the luxuries one might expect from a normal hotel apartment; a fully equiped kitchen, super warm and cozy beds, and a big plasma tv for watching movies”

We spent a good chunk of our time relaxing around the cottage, eating delicious food, playing board games, and staying warm next to the fire. We could have probably spent our entire stay inside relaxing because the cottage was so cozy, but we wanted to get out to explore the area a little bit and scope out some summer adventures!”

Life in Alberta – Alberta Adventure Girls Erin & Amanda @ Expanse December 2019

Get Outside With Leah – Leah, Jaycee & Tammy @ Expanse January 2020

Overall I couldn’t be more impressed with our stay at Expanse Cottages everything was absolutely perfect. Mountain winter getaways are my absolute favourite thing. Winter fires, wine, lots of food and just exploring the area with good friends. If your looking to unplug and unwind (although there actually is great cell service and wifi LOL) this is the place for you.”

Aleja Odyssey – Aleja & Kenan @ Expanse March 2020

“If planning a visit to the bubbles, be sure to do a little research of your own ahead of time.
Brush up on ice safety, pack recommended gear and check current weather & ice conditions!”

Must Do Canada – Matt & Karla @ Expanse & Exploring the David Thompson Country June 2020

During our visit, we stayed at Expanse Cottages. These cottages are located roughly 5 minutes from Nordegg and are situated fairly deep within the forest with no highway sounds to be heard. They’re fully equipped with a living room, kitchen, TV, and a wood-burning stove. They also have BBQ’s and each cottage has its own outdoor firepit. Wood is provided. We loved our stay and would happily return.”

Must Do CanadaExpanse & Exploring the David Thompson Country January 2021

Whether you want a great base camp for your next adventure or to escape to the seclusion of a quiet place to unwind, Expanse cottages offer the comfort and convenience to do both. There are so many opportunities for adventure awaiting you near their accommodation. Nordegg has fantastic sites to see, trails to hike, and breath taking views to visit.”

Let’s Go with Miklo – Mike & Marvin @ Expanse June 2020

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